"Know Your F.I.S.H.erman"

The 2017 MOI exhibit will be focusing on the concept of getting to Know Your Fisherman.  The show will have a expert mix of science and art about local seafood sources with facts and figures provided by F.I.S.H., as well as a Commercial Fisherman Photo show by Grant Monahan and a fish species art display curated by Scott Bluedorn .  We're also thrilled to be highlighting the work of Dock to Dish.  At Dock to Dish Montauk they have pioneered unique community-based seafood sourcing programs which provide forward-thinking chefs and members of our cooperatives with direct dock access to incredibly fresh, wild, sustainable seafood that is accurately curated and fully traceable to the source of origin and fisher who harvested the haul. 

Additionally, we're teamed up with Cornell Cooperative Extension whom recently received a grant from the New York Farm Viability Institute to launch a new marketing and education campaign focused on promoting Long Island seafood as local “F.I.S.H." -Fresh. Indigenous. Sustainable. Healthy.  The program aims to increase interest, awareness and demand for locally harvested, wild-caught and grown seafood while creating alternative markets and distribution points for Long Island seafood through Community Supported Fishery (CSF) programs.

We hope that our visitors walk away from the exhibit with a better understanding behind the legacy of the Montauk Commercial Fishing Industry and a great respect for the various fish species that call Long Island waters their home. 

"PLastic ocean" 

The 2016 Oceans Institute exhibit focuses on plastics pollution in our oceans. The visual storytelling and physical show has been skillfully curated local artist by Scott Bluedorn.  Other contributing artists are Cindy Pease Roe, Billy Strong, Peter Spacek and Rossa Cole.  Our season's roster of artists have the common thread of creating their work with recycled and locally found plastic material.  These artists, along with the collection of marine biologists, sustainable fashion designers, ocean lovers and adventurers, "Plastic Ocean" aims to educate, excite and inspire visitors to imagine an existence with less waste.  

Our Mission


The mission of the Montauk Oceans Institute is to build community, educate, and heighten awareness surrounding our local ocean’s health through an interactive museum space and outdoor oceanfront amphitheater in Montauk, Long Island.

The MOI seeks to execute installations, interactive exhibitions, and programs that highlight and explore the wonders and environmental complexities of the ocean. We serve as a platform that enables the organizations, foundations, policymakers, and philanthropic voices of our community to pool their findings and ideas in solving today’s oceanographic issues.


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